Hướng dẫn cấu hình Amazon SES cho wordpress có Plugin WP Mail SMTP

18th Aug 2021
Table of contents

00:00 - Intro

00:56 - Amazon SES  Intro

02:40 - Access AWS SES

03:15 - Step 1: Verify Domain Name

04:10 - Step 2: Setup DNS Entries

06:23 - Step 3: MX Records for Receiving Email

07:36 - Step 4: Setup Email Rule Set To Confirm Sender Email

11:40 - Step 5: Verify a New Email Address

12:15 - Step 6: Download Email Message from S3

13:22 - Step 7: Open Email and Load Confirm Sender Link

14:20 - Step 8: Request Production Access to SES and Quota Increase

16:16 - Step 9: Confirm WP Mail SMTP plugin

19:00 - Step 10: Setup SMTP Credentials

20:53 - Step 11: Sendy.co Email Newsletter App (https://go.mukesh.me/sendy)

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