Tập tành How to Enable Participant Registration in Zoom Meetings

29th Jun 2022
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Want to have the people you’ve invited to a Zoom meeting have to register beforehand? Watch this tutorial video to learn how to enable registration for Zoom meetings.

Email Settings

NOTE: The host of the meeting will need to have a paid Zoom account in order to access the registration feature.

To begin, go to Zoom.us in your web browser and log in. Then click Meetings. Here you should see a list of any calls you have scheduled. You can now select an existing meeting, or click Schedule a New Meeting. In the meeting scheduling window, you’ll see an option labelled Registration. Click the check box labelled “Required” to enable registration. Once you’ve added all other details and saved, you’ll see the Branding and Attendees section at the bottom. Click Edit to customize your registration settings. You can choose to have invitees automatically approved once they register, or manually approve them yourself. You can also enable notifications so the host will get an email each time someone registers. Other options include closing registration after the date your call is scheduled for, allow attendees to join from multiple devices and show social share buttons on registration page if you want to allow attendees to share your event info with their friends. If you click Questions, you can customize what fields will appear on your registration page. First name and email address will always be required, but you can also require last name, address, city, country, postal code, state/province, phone number, job title, and a variety of other fields. If you don’t see a question you want to require, you can also create custom questions. Click New Question, then choose whether you want to make it a short answer question with an open text field, or select Single Answer to make it a multiple choice question. Type in your question and answers if applicable, then click Save All.

If you click Email Settings, you can edit your email contact for this meeting, and customize the confirmation email your registrants will receive after they’ve been registered. You can send yourself a preview of the email if you like.

Finally, you can customize your registration page with branding elements including a banner and logo. Be mindful of the image requirements for each, listed below the upload button. You can easily upload a banner and a logo from your computer.

Once your invitees have begun to register for your event, you’ll be able to see a list of registrants under the Registration heading.

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